Rules for the Olympic Sized Swimming Pool

1.  Membership cards will be kept in the lifeguard shack.  Each member is required to provide a photo of all members who are listed on the card.

2.  All members must sign in each day.

3.  Children must be twelve or older to bring a guest to the pool. The member must pay an admission fee based on the guest’s age, or present a
      guest punch pass.

4.  Children under the age of twelve must take a swim test to enter the deep end.  Please see a lifeguard for details.

5.  All children entering the main pool must be potty trained.  No diapers, swim diapers, or training pants allowed in the main pool.

6.  No food or drink permitted on any of the pool decks.

7.  No glass bottles of any kind are permitted on pool property.

8.  No running on the pool decks.

9.  Smoking is not allowed in the pavilion, on the hall porch or in the kiddie pool area. Smoking is only permitted in the designated areas:                                  
                              Outside of the fence by the guard shack or in the corner, grass area by the parking lot and the hall.

10.  No rafts, boogie boards or other floatation devices, with the exception of noodles and swimmies, are permitted, unless otherwise posted.

11.  The lifeguards have the right to remove noodles at any time from the pool if a safety issue arises.

Rules for the Baby Pool

1.  Only children five years and younger are permitted in the baby pool.

2.  Adult Supervision is required at all times.

3.  Children who are not potty trained must wear swim diapers!

The lifeguards have the right to remove noodles at any time from the pool if a safety issue arises.

Pool Rules

                     We thank you in advance for your cooperation and hope that all have a safe and enjoyable boating experience.

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